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Welcome to Gallery On the Web , owned and operated by LA Coles Fine Art. GOTW welcomes famed UK photographer Ian Dickson whose fantastic photo of Rod Stewart is featured here.

"One day,  Alf Martin, the editor of Record Mirror rang me.  "Ian, you get on well with Rod Stewart, don't you?  Can you do an interview for us tomorrow?  Rod's doing press for his new album
(Smiler) and we need some shots, so I thought of you." Suitably flattered, I turned up at the Kensington Palace Hotel at the appointed time, only to discover, to my dismay, that the
interview had already taken place and no one had thought to inform me of the change in plan (an occupational hazard). However, I had a few words with Tony Toon, Rod's PA and when he had been informed of the situation, Stewart readily agreed to accommodate me, so I sat outside waiting for Mike Putland to finish his session for Sounds and then I was invited in. Rod's eyes lit up when he saw me and he gave me a big, leery grin. "What happened to you", he asked, "did you sleep in?" Answering in the negative, I gave him the story. Rod then asked me what I wanted to do and I replied that I was grateful for his time and a quick head shot would do. "Nah, bollocks to that", he declared. "I'm fed up to the back teeth with all that cheesecake stuff. Let's do something different, eh?
"Sure," I replied, a little uncertainly. "What do you have in mind?" Going into another room, Rod produced a brand-new set of pyjamas and grinned at me. "Me mam, God bless her", he declared, and tore open the cellophane wrapping. As he began to undress, I began to snap away. In his new nightwear, Rod climbed into bed, got up again, went into the  bathroom to clean his teeth, had breakfast all over again, played with the television - in fact, just about anything that came into his head. Instead of the "boring cheesecake" pictures of one of the world's top rock stars, I ended up with something totally different and wholly unexpected.

A day or so later, I showed the work to Alf Martin who stared at the shots  for a few minutes before looking up at me. "Jesus, Ian, when I said that  you got on well with him, I didn't realise it was that well!"- Ian Dickson -