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Julian Grant 
As a motion picture Producer/ Director, my work is primarily about collaboration. As a photographer, I am a soloist and my work revolves around regression. Turning back the hands of time in a quest to redefine the digital age with archival processes. The daguerreotype has always fascinated me as a relic from the past. With todays disposable culture, photographers are shooting more and seeing less. I wanted to use disposable technology to create a haunting and lasting tribute to the past.
Julian Grant - Bridge
Julian Grant - Brick
Julian Grant - Dappled Path
Dappled Path 
Julian Grant - Dancer Dressing
Dancer Dressing 
Julian Grant - Graveyard
Julian Grant - Plastic Ink Morning
Plastic Ink Morning 
Julian Grant - Plastic Ink #2
Plastic Ink #2 
Julian Grant - Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower 
Julian Grant - Textured Nude
Textured Nude 

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